Dear Colleagues, 

Argot Studios, LLC is now Permanently Closed

It is not without a few tears that I write these words. Actually, I’m a bit shocked that it all happened so fast. But the truth is, after 28 years of serving the Public Radio Community, the economic environment that COVID-19 has created leaves me no choice but to close our doors permanently. There will be no relocating, or rebuilding. 

I would like to take this moment, not to complain about the pandemic, but to express joy for all that has happened over the Argot Studios tenure. The talent that has passed through our doors has been incredible. I speak of the Journalists, Program Hosts, Producers, Associate Producers, Engineers and all of their subjects, that inspire us all to want to tune in to the crafted content that traveled out to the airwaves, and the internet. 

It’s impossible to pick favorites, because there was no single amazing moment, or episode, or person. I worked hard to establish Argot Studios as a dependable resource for Radio, Podcast and Audio Asset production work. And in that space, the constant stream of talent that passed through our doors evolved into a crossroads of sorts, where people shared ideas and admired each other for their creations and abilities.

I speak for myself, the founder of Argot Studios, and also for my two trust worthy Compañeros de trabajo, engineers Noriko Okabe and Ivan Kuraev, when I say Thank you. 

Thank you for trusting us with your projects, Thank you for breathing truth and creativity into a world that is in such need to hear positive and nourishing ideas! Thank you for making it easy for me to say that these 28 years have been fucking amazing!!

Nothing lasts forever, but the memories at Argot Studios, will be forever be in my heart. 

Good Luck to All, and may our paths cross again.